Home Renovation: Transform Your Space with These New Trending Ideas

May 15, 2023

Faded wall paint, rundown furniture, and rusty bathroom faucets are some of the biggest factors that push people into getting a home renovation. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to sell the house or just want to liven things up; changing the aesthetic of your living space can prove to be really helpful.

However, as rewarding as it can be to funnel your time and savings into a renovation, finalizing things can be just as confusing. With all the different trends emerging every year, how are you supposed to settle on something?

If you’re stuck in the same repetitive loop of indecisiveness, let us help you out! In this blog, we have compiled a list of all the home renovation trends you’ll see this year. So, what are you waiting for? Continue scrolling and read all about it!

  • A Meticulous Home Office
    With the way our world has changed and evolved in the last couple of years, more and more people have embraced remote working. That means home offices are now a necessity. An open space with refreshing scenery makes for a perfectly disguised office.
  • Hidden Storage
    No one likes a cluttered house, which is why excess storage space is a lifesaver — especially if you have kids or a big family. You can transform stair steps into pull-out storage drawers or install hidden pantry shelves in the kitchen. There are numerous secret storage ideas you can go for. Just make sure to discuss the plans with your contractor first!
  • Open Plan Kitchen
    Open-plan kitchens are everywhere, and that, too, for good reason. Despite it staying the same in size, an open kitchen can give you more space to work with. Since there aren’t any walls keeping you in, it increases the workflow and even boosts communication throughout the house.
  • Textured Walls
    Sure sleek painted walls look a bit more regal, but textured walls have a kind of earthy feel to them. With a scratchy, more grainy appearance, textured walls are the perfect cottage-core renovation trend and can add a touch of imperfect perfectionism to your house.
  • Nature-Fueled Spaces
    If you have a big, open porch or a backyard, do not let it go to waste! Instead, contact a professional renovation company and turn that area into a relaxing hideout. By simply incorporating elements of nature, like grass, water fountains, etc., you can bring up the value of your home to three times more!
  • Minimalism
    Perhaps rather than delve into loud, vibrant colors and patterns, you’d rather have a muted space — and that’s okay! After all, minimalism is all the rage these days, thanks to its neat and clean aesthetic. You just have to break down some walls and get rid of anything that clutters the house in terms of design and structure. A professional contractor can push you toward the right path and make your minimalist dreams come to life.

Long Story Short

We understand how nerve-wracking it can be to go through with a home renovation plan. That is why here at Boutros Construction, we offer our very best services and craftsmen since keeping up with trends and creating them is what we do best.

So, if you’re looking to give your house a makeover, contact us today at (713) 587 0000 or visit our office at 8831 Long Point Rd #102 | Houston, TX 77055.


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