How Much Does it Cost to Build a House from Scratch in Houston, TX?

July 30, 2023

Are you thinking of moving to Houston, the hub of cultural and ethnic diversity? With its welcoming aura and popular tourist spots, Houston is one of the most bustling states in America. But that’s not all, because while there may be chitter and chatter around, there are also quiet, serene spots, perfect for building your home and settling down — a place that you can call home.

However, living expenses in today’s day and age are battling NASA with how much they’ve skyrocketed. Perhaps that is why people choose to rent instead of buying their own house. But what if you were to construct a house instead? How much would the average cost be to build a house in Houston? To find out the total calculations and the factors affecting the price, continue reading this blog.

What is the Average Cost to Build a House in Houston, TX?

According to the Houston Association of Realtors (HAR), the average cost of a single-family house lies somewhere around $400,000 or more. Although to determine the exact value, you have to take into account the size and square feet of the area.

For instance, the average size of a Houston house is about 2,400 square feet. But when it comes to constructing a house from the ground up, the cost would also differ per square foot. Typically, that range balances between $150 to $350.

Ultimately, the price is based on numerous factors besides the size. You have to consider the law, labor charges, architectural fixtures, construction materials, and even the location where the house is built. These additional features are further categorized into hard costs and soft costs, making it easier for you to curate a budget. But before you dive straight into the planning stage, make sure to consult a custom home builder in Houston for a general idea of what outcomes to expect.

Hard Costs

Hard costs are all those expenditures that make physical construction a possibility. That is to say, features like landscaping, roof installation, securing the perimeters, pipework, etc., all come under hard costs. Here are some of the main attributes that are considered the same:

  1. Lot Price
    An essential feature of the hard-cost club is getting the land. The bigger the acres of land, the more expensive the construction and designing would be.
  2. Prepping The Land
    Before getting started on the actual construction, the plot of land needs to be prepared. Homeowners typically pay around $5,000 to $10,000 to lay the foundation.
  3. Electric Work
    Next up to consider is threading electric lines throughout the plot, which ensures that everything is comprehensively covered.
  4. Installing the Plumbing Line
    When calculating the plumbing fixtures along with labor charges, be ready to spend around $10,000 in total for plumbing means.
  5. Laying Out the HVAC System
    HVAC units are necessary when building a house, albeit it depends on you if you prefer to have a high-end system installed or something that is more mid-range.

Soft Costs

In contrast to hard costs, soft costs cover all additional expenses that deal with things like loans, legal fees, taxes, and the like. Mentioned below is a small breakdown of this.

  1. Permit Fees
    You can’t just up and build a house on any land you deem fit. It is necessary to get a permit from a legal source to be able to green-light your construction project.
  2. Architecture & Design
    The architecture plan and design map that is created for the construction are also very important. The total fees for it can come up to almost $60,000.
  3. Taxes
    Lastly, legal taxes also play a crucial role in bringing your house to fruition. Be prepared to pay up at this stage as well, with different factors affecting the total price.

What’s Next?

To sum it up, the average cost of building a house in Houston is not cheap. You have to be ready to handle a wide variety of hard costs and soft costs before constructing your dream house. If you’re looking for a perfect crew of contractors that can shape your home, contact Boutros Construction at (713) 587 0000 or visit 8831 Long Point Rd #102 | Houston, TX 77055.


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