Small Kitchen, Big Style: Space-Saving Solutions for Cozy Kitchens

June 15, 2023

Cozy spaces are all the rage these days. Be it a relaxing corner in your bedroom or a reading nook in the living room, everyone deserves a space just for them. A cozy kitchen, on the other hand, is not the best way to go about it. It can limit your workflow and restrict certain movements, especially when you’re in a rush. Plus, no one likes a messy, disorganized kitchen. But don’t worry. We have the perfect solution to all those pesky troubles: Kitchen Remodeling.

If you, too, have a tiny kitchen that makes your day-to-day living a nightmare, look no further! In this blog, you will find all the inspiration you need to expand and maximize your kitchen into a luxurious and airy location. 

“How Can I Increase The Space In My Small Kitchen?”

Are you tired of shuffling through your tiny kitchen every day, struggling to make breakfast? Do you dream of a hallmark movie-worthy kitchen with open walls and organized drawers? If so, we’ve got your back! Here are a few changes you can make to really enhance the space from inside and out: 

Utilize The Space Around Your Fridge
One of the simplest ways to upgrade your storage system is by installing pull-out cabinets and sliding vertical drawers in the space surrounding the fridge. Don’t let even a sliver of space go to waste.

Add a Pull-over Counter Over The Sink
If your biggest problem is the lack of countertop space, try installing a pull-over cover for the sink. It could double as an extra countertop and a sink cover-up.

Install Floating Shelves In All Empty Spaces
Floating shelves are truly magical. They give off an elegant look when properly installed on the walls. They can also hold a lot of weight, especially if a hidden rod is attached underneath to hang all the pots and pans.

Illuminate The Area With Lighting
If you don’t want to remodel or reconstruct your kitchen but still want to enhance its appearance, try investing in professional lighting fixtures. It will help illuminate the kitchen, making it seem bigger and much brighter than before.

Build Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinets
Floor-to-ceiling cabinets are all the rage these days. Not only do they carry a ton of storage space, but they also look sophisticated, giving your kitchen a maintained glow.

Install A Folding Table
If you are dealing with an extremely tiny space where you can’t even fit a dining table, then a folding dining table might be just what you need. 

Utilize Kitchen Drawers For Additional Pantry Space
No pantry? No worries. Transform those old junk-filled kitchen drawers into an organized pantry or a spice drawer with labeled containers for everything. 

Attach A Rack Above The Sink For Pots And Pans
Neglecting everyday essentials like pots and pans can cost you way more than installing an additional rack where you can hang them all instead. 

Invest In Slide-out Drawers
No matter what your kitchen layout or design is, slide-out drawers are necessary. They’re easy to work with and glide right open without you having to use any extra force. So whenever you’re in a rush, a slide-out drawer will be there to make your life less troublesome.

It’s Time For Summer Renovations!

Consult Boutros Construction for a kitchen remodeling job and bring all your Pinterest boards to life today! You can reach out to us at (713) 587 0000 or visit 8831 Long Point Rd #102 | Houston, TX 77055 for more information.


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